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Bring some Mac style to your PC

One of the major problems with operating systems is that you can get bored of staring at the same interface, day in and day out. Spice things up a little with 7Stacks, a small program that gives you new-look menus and browsing and quicker access to your folders.

The 7Stacks interface is very easy to navigate. You choose the folder you want to apply the new look to, pick the size and layout of the stack - Grid, Vertical or Menu - toggle a few options, and you've created a new stack. You can access the folder from its original location, move it as usual, or place it in the taskbar.

You can change some aspects of the 7Stacks appearance, but unfortunately, I didn't like any combination. The background is gray and cannot be changed, and the glossy look just doesn't go with it (you can toggle the gloss in Windows 7, but not on Vista or XP). Once you have created a stack, you can only delete it and create a new one, as 7Stacks doesn't allow you to modify existing stacks.

You could argue that 7Stacks makes accessing your files a little quicker, but the difference is negligible. Sure, the program is easy to use, and some people will enjoy bringing a bit of Mac-style functionality to their PC but overall, 7Stacks just didn't make the grade.

7Stacks might be the change you need, but I wasn't impressed.


  • Easy to use
  • 3 different visual styles
  • Menus are fully functional


  • Heavy on resources
  • Cannot modify once created


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7stacks Beta 1 1.5 for PC


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